Saturday, July 11, 2009

Forty-Ninth Step

Well, I'm back again! I took an unintentional break while my mom got married, my husband had a birthday, and my energy has been limited this 3rd pregnancy. Only 2.5 weeks or so until baby! Unless I am 5 days late like usual. I have decided instead of trying to post everyday (I almost made it 50 posts before my "break"), I'm going to just post when I do a RNM step. So there will be less guilt and more realness, because sometimes my steps were just thinking what I did that day and trying to incorporate it into the blog. Ha! As if you couldn't tell. I'll also just keep you posted on what's going on with us, like most blogs do.

For this step I communicated my needs and wants in order to plan the birth I've always dreamed of but have not gotten to experience yet...a water birth. Robert didn't want to set the tub up again because we didn't get to use it at all with Charlie since he came so fast (less than 2 hours). He had to deal with the tub and felt like he missed a lot of the birth, and it still only got 1/3 of the way full. So we are filling it in advance and draining it every 72 hours until I go. I'm glad to have the option if it works to have this babe in there!! It's so gentle for baby, and the warm water helps tissues soften and stretch, and with my big babies, I'll take all the help I can get!! My midwife thinks this one is smaller; I say it depends on how long I am pregnant. If I'm 5 days late, that's another 1/2 lb. right there! We will see, very soon...
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