Friday, March 11, 2011

Seventy-Fourth Step - Walking

My dear friend here is doing this and I think it's awesome. If I can get my patootey to walk 10 miles, I will join her! (Slowly, surely...) I'm not sure where our local event is taking place, but I'm betting she has the details. So great to find things we can do as mommas (and families), together, to help other people who are 3 feet tall and not our own. I mean, as important as the stuff we do inside the home is, it's just refreshing and energizing to make a difference OUTSIDE it sometimes! It's nice to be a part of the bigger picture, get some perspective, and show this process to our kids.

Great find, AKJ! Go, sister! Do we need to train?? (All the marathoners and triathaloners who read my blog--there are multitudes I'm sure--are cackling now)
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