Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fifty-Third Step

OK, I admit it. My dishwasher and I are kind of sort of competing with each other. I am challenging it to perform to the highest possible standards--with things stacked strategically and with it packed as full as I can get it to get the most bang for my buck in terms of water usage, and using ecover natural detergent to boot, e.g. it's not getting any breaks with a high-powered nasty detergent either. So despite me not being very easy on it, it is answering back that it can handle it! And that gives me joy every time I open and unload it to admire its handiwork. I truly am impressed, dishywasher. But we will keep upping the ante, a friendly battle of wills. Because we all know that in the heart of every appliance there is a temptation to be lazy, to give up, or to perform less than its best. Don't do it, dishy. I'm counting on you.

P.S. Hey, as long as we're talking and getting things out in the open, D, could you improve in the caked-on egg arena? Look, I've paid my dues for 5 years, scrubbing dishes by hand. You've only been working this joint for 2 years! And you have an electric spinny-arm thingy. I definitely don't have one of those, unless I happened to secretly be a villain on Spiderman.
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