Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sixty-Third Step - Packing for Albuquerque

I have a lot of lists and things in my head, but no suitcase has an ounce of clothing in it. Little piles are sprouting. A little excitement is growing. But I have not traveled yet since detox, at least a *real trip*. So I am bringing a lot of food with me. I entered a contest to win a cooler (the resort box cooler, Amy!) but I don't think it will be here in time for my trip. :) You know, because I'm destined to win!!

There has been so much going on here, mostly in terms of funny quotes by my kids. Their new names are Ducky, Birdy and Chickie, by the way. Oh, and Charlie also goes by Noxy the Foxy. Daddy is Turkey, which is true. I'm Goosy. Does that mean I'm loosy!?

-Chicky (Abri) is still scooting on her belly, but she has "crawled" a couple times without really realizing it. She is pulling up on everything and giving me lots of heart attacks. Her feet either slip out from under her and she lands on her behind then head, or her feet are too far out so she will hit her face, or today she was clinging to Ducky's bed and then fell back and hit Charlie's bed and then the wood floor. I think I need a baby helmet. She will be the first child I put a leash on, probably.
-Birdy (Charlie) has already grown out of some underwear. Ducky's little buns can still fit into her originals, but I upgraded her anyway.
-Ducky is almost done with Thursday school. Yes, folks, she "graduates" tomorrow night. She is such a good little singer; I know she will steal our hearts again for the first time. I am still debating about Birdy's participation in it next year--right now it's looking like "no" so that I can have 3 straight days at home for my new job as a homeschool teacher. Now the house will really be in trouble!!

OK, better get back to work. I have a lot to do still. I have a lot. To do. Still.
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