Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sixty-Second Step - nursing schmursing

Ah, spring is springing and I'm beginning to remember a phenomenon that is never pleasant. Nursing a baby in the summer. Imagine sweating from various pores you don't want others to notice, then uncovering said pores and smashing a hot baby up against you for 20 minutes or so. In addition to the smushed, sweaty side of the baby's face, your elbow pit is sweating, your chest, your belly, etc. etc. Your body just never recovers. It starts a sweat chain, and you cannot cool off. You are hot until you get to the shower the next morning, because every 3 hours or so you get a reminder about why you are so hot, and the cycle starts again. Add any cooking, cleaning, picking up toys, playing outside to the mix, and it is a hopeless case. The Pioneer Woman put it well when she said, "It’s just that the emotions of breastfeeding run so, so deep. It can be simultaneously wonderful and suffocating. Beautiful and challenging. Miraculous and stifling." And I would add cozy and claustrophic to that list. Nursing in the summer. Not my friend.
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