Monday, October 18, 2010

Sixty-Ninth Step--Dream On

Dream on, dream away, I think you're gonna have to stay, stay forever...yes, that's an, I don't know, Boyz2Men song from the 80s? (OK, I looked it up--it's Color Me Badd, "I adore mi amor," lest not knowing drive you crazy) I hope it's not true though--we're hoping to be on our way soon. In faith we are trying to act like we're moving any day now, but we still have some um, huge things to wrap up, like, um, fixing up and selling our house. Rates are so low, we may be able to swing the house and land that we are in love with, if we sell our current abode. I know that is a big IF these days, but God would have to provide people to buy it who are just like us. Some fellow Sagarites, not in name, but in heart.

Lord, please send us a young (Christian) couple who wants a house with tons of character, all-wood floors, suh-weet landscape with unique specimens, hand-built rock wall, shady haven of a backyard with patio, lots of storage space, 1700 square feet of sturdy, square, well-built house-age. And did I mention the woodburner? :) Just leave a comment if you want to buy this place, or contribute man (or woman) hours to redoing a certain mint-green bathroom...

p.s. At the fair this weekend, we got a hat and a blog with our farm name on it. So we're officially farmers, right? Can I ha' yo number??? Maybe I'll have a contest to see if y'all can guess the farm's name. And my 3 sweet friends who read this blog can enter, ha! You'll win a...trip to see the land and dream with me. :) Leave any guesses in the comments, and maybe I'll think of a better prize. And I'll award the person with my favorite name, because I KNOW nobody ain't gonna guess THIS name.

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