Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Each Day

This blog is a forum for moms to sort out what's really important to us in terms of living naturally, and to support each other so that we can make it a reality. I have done a ton of research on natural living related to birth, mothering kids and keeping a healthy household, but whether that translates into daily life is another story. So for this blog, I plan to do something simple each day to support natural, healthy living for my family (as defined by me, thankfully). My goals are to keep it real, get communication going about how to prioritize and set realistic goals, and again, not allow comparison and faking it to poison our relationships as moms. There are so many choices about how we spend our time and energy as moms: figuring out how to make healthy "doable" meals, making homemade cleaners, combining coupons and grocery store sales, creating fun learning outlets for the kids, rigging up a tent in the living room. I have had to learn after much frustration that I CANNOT DO IT ALL. A couple of months ago, overwhelmed by the state of my house after 4 months of pregnancy nausea & sickness, I took on a "do one thing everyday to make it better" mindset. I will take a step each day and not get hung up on ALL I'M NOT DOING. I'm not going to give a big summary of "who I am," because hopefully you'll discover that over time...even though this blog won't be about just green living, I think I'll post my first "real natural mom" attempt on Earth Day.

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