Friday, June 5, 2009

Forty-Fifth Step

This was a stay-at-home-and-pray-to-God-that-you-actually-clean kind of day. So I vacuumed the LR, stairs, and the upstairs (dear hubbin had already done the rest of the downstairs). I did not, however, empty the 4 clean laundry baskets and rumpled suitcase from the Utah trip that were on the bed in the office. I decided that boycotting it isn't working, though, and need strength from the Lord to conquer this mountain (literally).

Food and clothes are so boring! You know what I mean, don't you? My two main responsibilities, everyday: getting food in people, and clothes on people. Jesus said the body is more than food and clothes, so it seems the opposite of spiritual to always be working on those very things, guilty about late or unplanned meals, trying to provide clean underwear for all. That last part sounds so noble!

But we all know that there were superheros ON underoos, but never an "Amazing Underoo Woman" superhero. You have to admit, I've got you there! But I - am - that - hero! Providing peace and underwear for all. I think as I was saving the world I'd have to say over and over, "No, not wonder woman, underoo woman!" I guess I need to read more of Brother Lawrence and remind myself there can be peace and communion with God even while spending hours in the kitchen or doing laundry in the basement, in my incognito disguise, of course. Please don't reveal my identity, RNM readers.

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