Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Forty-Third Step

This step was to drag out the big baby pool, clean it out, and get it functional for the summer. And let the kids take a dip, of course! Here's to cheap summer fun! And the pool itself was free, so double bonus. They were more daring than last year, so the slide was making me nervous, and they might feel a little more crowded, especially since they like to have a million toys in there, but they seemed to enjoy it just fine. Another bonus was reusing water--they decided to water plants with the pool water, because it was clean enough for plants to drink, right?

What is it about water, anyway? So refreshing and fun, yet dangerous or messy when in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are mostly made of water, but we can drown in water. We need to drink water, but we can die from having too much (like you read about in those marathons). We get rid of water by sweating out little pores (how odd!) or eliminating it; but we always maintain some kind of homeostasis. We ride across the water in boats; we swim through it but don't naturally belong in it. It's kind of addictive, especially during pregnancy, and I want to drink as much as possible and be immersed as much as possible (weightless! Very attractive right now). Everyone wants to live by the water and the houses are priced accordingly. I want to be attracted to the living water of Christ as much as my waterbottle or a rushing river. And it's free to live near Him and drink from His neverending stream...

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