Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blogs From Which I Check

Otherwise translated as "Blogs to Check Out." The list is growing. The list is fascinating. Beware!! I need to check out from them more often, like right now in fact. I didn't realize how many people there are interested in the same stuff I am! Am I really not a weirdo?? Will the blogging world accept me? Haha. Really, right now, in real life, I am just sitting in a room by myself, alone. A cyber friend, or even a cyber opinion, will not change the hermit life I am tempted to lead, right MM?

I downloaded an RSS feed burner, but I do not know how to use it yet. So I have just been bookmarking in different categories, and feel like the information out there is phenomenal. Here are my "health" and "homesteading" blogs--I obviously don't keep up on all of them, but they have helped me with a recipe, going 'poo free, gathering farm dreams, and researching GAPS diet, to name a few things. You can't beat that kind of practical advice! Do y'all have any you would recommend adding to the list?

Plus there are the usual Holy Experience, Pioneer Woman, and Inspired to Action forays (I am starting the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge on Thursday!)

Go to town!! But don't stay up as late as I just did.

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