Monday, September 5, 2011

Nutrimill Giveaway!

Lest you think I have hit it big in the blog world, I'll say quickly that HEAVENLY HOMEMAKERS is having a Nutrimill giveaway. Not me. Nada me at all. But I have let you know about it, and would encourage you to enter, and perhaps I could get 1/100th of the credit if you win. Not that we care about credit, right?? But even if I had credit, I still wouldn't have a Nutrimill (thankfully I have access to one through my dear friend at Joyful Home)! Well, have fun and don't let the grain grinding bug getcha too bad.

Oh, you can also enter to win a dehydrator on the Heavenly Homemakers website too, and there's ALSO info there about a sweet Tropical Traditions giveaway too. These all apply very well to what I need right now. There's nothing like a giveaway that's not too frivolous, that applies to my real, felt needs--and, hm, there's nothing like winning it either. Let me know if you win it big time!

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