Friday, May 24, 2013

Anger and iHerb

I wanted to share this post today, because it was so perfect to read last night. I was "that" kind of mom yesterday, and didn't like it at all (much less did my kids like it). I decided today that I could remain calm and we could be late to ballet, or I could yell and we could be slightly less late. So I chose the right to remain silent. Let me know if it touches your heart as it did mine, and what you think you might want to do about it!

In it she mentions The Orange Rhino blog. The Orange Rhino challenge is interesting, but I definitely don't want a "no yelling" journey to be attempted in my own gimmicky, fleshly, striving kind of way. So I am tempted to sign up and hope that another program will save or change me, when it is only through the gospel of Jesus Christ that that will happen! I do really like her though and think she's done a great job tackling a subject us moms are so ashamed of and tend to skate around in very general, laugh-it-off ways. Like I just did, hmm...not sure what I will do with this challenge. I hate to start and fail and give up, hmm.

Also wanted to share my first I-Herb order (iHerb technically)--they were having some kind of sale through the end of May with 10% off or something (can't get it to work now that I'm on the website, another thing that makes you go hmm), which totally surprised me, and I also got to use this $10 off code on a $40 order, which getting to $40 also gave me free shipping (pause to take a breath--don't I sound like a kid who was in a candy store and just ran all the way home through Laura Ingalls fields to show her ma her peppermint stick?). All in all, I saved $17 on my order not including the free shipping savings, woot woot! I will share the $10 off code with you below, in case you want to share in the savings. I get some kind of rewards points if you use it, or something (hem, haw), but I was grateful to be able to save on my first order and I hope you are too. Very prompt shipping too.

In case you are voyeuristic with peoples' health food orders, I got NOW glucomannan powder to go with my Trim Healthy Mama book, organic coconut sugar, Nunaturals pure liquid stevia extract (alcohol-free), Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal (a girl can dream, can't she? No, I am putting it too lightly, we really do want another baby, very much!), and Kirk's Original Coco Castile shampoo, which I've been wanting to try for some time. Here's the not-so-top-secret-share-with-your-friends code: VZH589. Just put in the discount code box. You get $10 off $40 order, and you will also get $5 off on smaller orders. I did a lot of comparing and researching to come up with the best way to get said items, and was proud of the savings!! But as my husband always says, the best way to save our family money is not to spend it. Hmm.

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