Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birth pains x 2

Sorry, some technical problems here. Not sure why post below was cut off--my blog must be having birth pains from being dead so long. Testing 1-2-3. I was blessedly consumed with a birth for the past 2 days (hence the x2 part), so I will officially start the 60-day challenge tomorrow, as long as I can get things functional again. The birth was amazing--picture a birth tub on a deck out under the stars, with tiki torches blazing and deer quietly grazing (where you can hear them but it's too dark to see them). That was the night before last. As the doula, I went out the previous night too to see how she was handling contrax and chillax with her and hubs, but she slowed down again come morningtime. 7:30 that night she started again and it was the real deal. I was so happy and privileged to be a part of welcoming this precious girl into the world! Mom did awesome, and baby was nursing like a champ within the hour. I was a little slaphappy from being up two nights in a row for long, weird hours, and after the birth my midwife and I were seriously belly laughing on the couch together. Was so fun. I love her, loved working with her again at a birth, and loved this family!
Who wouldn't love ME??

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