Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wallpaper Madness

I'm whooped. No parade on Monday. No barbecues. No friendly get-togethers. Here's what we did all day:

We were going to texture the ceiling, but that did not work out as planned. It started sagging at the seams while we were doing our first go-over with the topping compound. I was thankful it happened sooner rather than later! (Like we have painted and moved all furniture back in and it starts drooping) Ah well. So here is what we had to do instead:

It came off pretty cleanly with some hot water/vinegar rolled on with a paint roller. So Robert rolled and I scraped. At times I could tear big soggy strips on, as long as it was saturated down to the second layer. So anyone who has ridiculous wallpaper on their ceiling? Try some hot water and vinegar. It will do the trick!

Tonight *we* finished laying bare the living room ceiling. Well, OK, I was the official (wallpaper) stripper the whole time, but tonight it was actually Robert who finished the last over-half of the living room by himself while I got the kids dinner, baths, watched the rest of Star Wars V with them, etc. You know, the things necessary for their development (An aside--at one point, both my older two had left the room at a "scary part" and my 3yo stayed with me and was like "Where'd everybody go?" She is fearless). So here is the fully stripped ceiling, don't blush:

I tried to really capture THE EXPANSE we were working with, haha. It was like the expanse of the heavens, but with much more plaster and sweat and tears than when God spoke the stars into existence. We were able to work together pretty well, and for that I was proud. Lots of painting to do, y'all!

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