Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fourteenth Step

Fourteenth step was all about unpacking and restocking the fridge...the clothes, laundry and suitcases are still in disarray, but I rescued recyclables from the van and loaded them with other recycling into the back, and went to the store. Also decided not to waste packaging and money on junk food at the store--no nutrition, wasteful and so expensive. Dave Ramsey would have said I should just get rice and beans anyway, if that's what we can afford. I did get more than that, especially some yummy fresh produce because we were running low on everything after a week long trip. Here is a picture of my staple produce items I try to always keep on hand, so if I'm out of one I just automatically get it at the store even if I have no immediate plan for its use. I know, this is utterly fascinating!!

Spinach: salads, green smoothies
Romaine: salads, juicing, crunchy goodness (this is my lettuce of choice this pregnancy)
Carrots: a recipe, soup and salad staple, juicing, carrot sticks
Baby Carrots: when I'm too lazy for carrot sticks, kids' lunches
Strawberries: another pregnancy favorite, and kid favorite too. I usually can't cut them fast enough for us all.
Celery: recipes and salads, juicing, celery sticks
Broccoli: our weekly broccoli salad, recipes, throw in crockpot with some chicken & seasonings
Green pepper (and other color if on sale or get the 3-pack at Aldi): pepper sticks, salads, juicing

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