Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sixteenth Step

Step 16 was going to a farm to pick up milk and eggs for several families in my area. I go once a month, and then drop off the goods to a central house where people pick them up. The animals are taken care of really well, and it is REALLY good milk and eggs. When I first cooked the eggs, I was like, "These are so GOLDEN YELLOW. Unreal!" And the milk is beyond whole milk, because I am not ashamed to say we just shake the cream into it. We trust the farm so much that I feel comfortable with using the milk (and even the eggs) raw, which means it still has the enzymes needed to digest it. Another plus is that the jars and egg containers are reused each week. Next week a different family will go pick up, and so on. It is fun for the kids to see some cows and horses too, and see where at least some of their food comes from. Howdy doody!

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