Monday, May 11, 2009

Twentieth Step

So for Mother's Day proper, R & B had a much-needed date and nature walk for our marital health (R is hubby, B is me). After an enlightening journey into Star Trek past and too much soda (blech--we were both dizzy!), we went to an arboretum and "walked it off." It was where R proposed, so B wanted to walk past our picnicking spot almost exactly 7 years ago (May 5, 2002). It was just a patch of grass, but the whole place means so much to us because it was the start of our lifelong commitment and our zany adventures. We know the schnarboretum well and are always looking for new varieties of conifers, because we are addicted to conifers. You'd be amazed at how many we've fit on our little lot. And we still want a hemlock, and a couple arborvitaes. Ah well, it's not a bad addiction to have, since we don't have the money to indulge it. Thanks to C & D for watching the kids!! p.s. You didn't hear it from me, but THE REAL SPOCK makes an appearance in Star was like seeing a long-lost uncle. I felt that fond of him.

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