Sunday, May 17, 2009

Twenty-Sixth Step

Well, yesterday started out with a meeting at church and then a MOPS tea, so I was an independent bird all morning. Then I came home and Robert had taken the kids on a couple errands, so I was kind of wandering around wondering what to do and ended up having a quiet time, straightening up and putting away laundry. At first being in the house alone was like a solo mia party, but then it kind of lost its luster the longer the family was gone and I didn't know when they were returning. I sort of started to feel left out! Strange, because if I knew exactly how much time I had to work with I probably would have used it more effectively, or at least whooped it up more. Anyway, the Saturday activities after naptime were


and stickers

(which is a mixed bag for me, because they love it, but it's shocking how fast they can go through $5 of stickers, and without adding any original marker-ing or coloring, the pictures are so impersonal)

making gluten-free pizza

(a real treat for me, since we can't order out! Robert liked it, but I didn't think the hamburger we used was as tasty as using sausage. The crust turned out well though!)

and cuddling with daddy on the couch while watching Nim's Island

which is really cute (fast-forwarding the lost-at-sea and stormy parts).

So today my step was to enjoy my family and realize that time alone isn't always what it's cut up to be. After 4 hours of being gone in the morning, I was ready to see my family again, and coming home to an empty house was exhilarating and peaceful at first, but all of us together--the little people, the bulging-belly momma and the tall man--are what really make it a home.

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