Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twenty-Fifth Step

Step 25, I'm alive...I think I'll count NOT giving the kids enough baths as a RNM step, because it's very granola and nitty-gritty (literally). Henceforth, I publicly proclaim that I am delaying the increased bath schedule that spring strongly suggests and summer duly requires. I have composed a poem in honor of this accomplishment.

I lean forward to kiss your schnookie head
And get a whiff of grass instead
not the clean-cut freshly mow-en kind
But the day-old rained-on grass you find
stuck to the edge of my tennis shoe
In fact, that also smells like you
along with running, and the sun
such a fascinating combination
how can I wash it away you ask
when nature's offering takes to task
the fight t'would take most every day
to keep you bathed and clean to stay
so i'll just lean over you once more
and welcome nature through my door

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