Monday, May 4, 2009

Thirteenth Step

Thirteenth Step was doing gluten-free on the the Indianapolis Children's Museum we had cafeteria-style options, which was worrisome to me at first. But I found a kids' deal where you "choose 4" and I picked grilled chicken bites, hot dog bites, green beans, and potato smiles (wasn't convinced they were gluten-free so I didn't sneak a bite). Then I had a Cobb salad that was pretty good and had lots of protein on top. And for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse, I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a gluten-free menu!! Complete with a FLOURLESS BROWNIE! I was really floored...really felt like Jesus was giving me some special treatment. I appreciate simple things more on the road as a gluten-free traveler, like finding that Fritos or M&Ms are GF--but to find GF brownies at a restaurant is just unheard of. It just seemed like God was showing me He cares about the little things too. And we only had fast food once this week, which is astounding and so satisfying because the only real choice is a burger without a bun unless it's a Mexican place.

Here are some cute pics from the Indianapolis Children's Museum--the biggest children's museum in the world! It would have been impossible without Daddy--he kept us together. Since we've all been reunited, me and the kids are all still tottering toward him like zombies with our arms out chanting, "Daddy, daddy...we can't get enough of you!"

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