Friday, May 1, 2009

Tenth Step

Woo wee, flying along here. Ten days already! This step involves fun with the kids. We went to the Dupage Children's Museum in Naperville (if you are ever in the Chicago area, I highly recommend it! We could have spent more hours there) and built some stuff. We also had fun with water, air, light--what's more natural than the elements? Well, I don't think light is technically an element, could be wrong. I think it's fire. I have found that my 2 and 4 year-olds are much more capable of handling multiple fun things than I thought they were. They're pretty exhausted, but this week we have been to the Brookfield Zoo, a play place called Little Monkey Business, and this children's museum and they had a great time even though we were all wiped out by the end. I love how kids just learn naturally when they are exposed to new things. So enjoy these little learner pics! (see below)

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