Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thirty-Second Step

This step was to go to a chiropractor/naturopathic doctor for EDS (electro-dermal screening) testing. I needed a mini-check to see how the pregnancy was going, and had been having some tummy issues that I thought were from being gluten-ed but wanted to make sure there weren't other food allergies going on. Raw milk and eggs were fine, but I found out that I was as sensitive to gluten, barley, and corn as to high fructose corn syrup! And those were enough to make me messed up, but the thing that was sky-high was WHEAT. So my gluten sensitivity is trumped by an even bigger wheat allergy. I had suspected that maybe wheat was more the culprit, because cross-contamination and barley malt didn't seem to affect me as much (definitely wasn't celiac I didn't think), but any little exposure to wheat itself creates an awful reaction for a week. I won't go into detail, but feel free to ask me more if you are interested and dealing with food allergies yourself.

At the risk of sounding like Melman, I will continue. I also have an awful reaction to venison, which I narrowly avoided eating when someone had made sloppy joes with it and my husband thought to ask if it was deer meat (on my behalf). Phew. I would've been in the bathroom all night. Anyone ever heard of deer allergy? I think I'm allergic to goat too. Isn't that strange? Is game-y meat more acidic or something? How will I find answers asking random questions on my blog? Why do I just keep asking them expecting cyberspace to solve my problems?

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